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  A Range of Energy Management Services


Since 1981 Enerscan has been performing energy audits in virtually all sectors of the economy including:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Process
  • Commercial
  • Multi Unit Residential
  • Institutional
  • Government

We are experienced, knowledgeable professionals and can identify opportunities to save energy and money. Our greatest strength is in performing energy audits however we are experienced in a variety of related activities. Our energy audits include an on-site visit of your building(s) to inspect mechanical, heating and ventilation systems as well as general building condition, construction and operating procedures. We examine your utility bills, evaluate your energy consumption and ascertain seasonal patterns of energy use. With this information we identify your specific energy consumption requirements, how and where energy is used in your buildings and, most importantly, WHAT YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE YOUR COSTS. A little more detail is provided below for some of the different activities we typically perform:

  • Identify current energy consumption and costs
  • Develop an understanding of how energy is used, possibly including developing pie chart types of breakdowns
  • Understanding equipment and facility operating hours
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and costs, including both low-cost / no-cost potential and higher cost measures
  • Opportunity implementation plans, including analysis of different options and price comparisons
  • Development of descriptive reports outlining what must be done to reap the benefits of implementation. Detailed descriptions of the situation can improve building, process or facility operators' understanding of their own equipment, resulting in improvements to operating procedures, with associated reductions in energy consumption or improved building comfort etc.


  • Where appropriate, detailed analysis of utility bills to identify inaccuracies and inappropriate bills (sometimes identifying over-billing resulting in refunds).
  • Using sophisticated software comparisons can be made of consumption vs invoiced amounts to ensure the two relate appropriately
  • Ensure that energy is being charged at the correct rate, or suggest alternate suppliers at lower cost
  • Development of "baselines" against which future consumption can be compared to enable monitoring of progress with energy consumption and cost reduction programs
  • Monitoring and tracking of energy performance contracts, on an independent basis to ensure the client is receiving the full contracted benefit
  • Comparison of the costs of providing energy from different sources (such as fuel oil vs electricity vs gas etc) to ensure the most appropriate source is being used
  • Identification of abnormal consumption (either high or low) compared to the baseline and investigation to learn what caused the abnormality. This can either prevent future high consumption again or, preferably, establish a new standard for low consumption and set up policy and procedures to ensure the new low standard is achieved.
  • Establish an understanding of the impact of weather or other uncontrollable variables so that it is possible to assess performance regardless of fluctuations that influence energy consumption.
  • Development of ongoing reporting procedures that can be used on a monthly or other basis to ensure maximization of benefits of both energy retrofits and / or monitoring.



Enerscan has developed and delivered training in energy management since about 1985, for dozens of different clients. Probably 1000 people have attended training sessions delivered by Dale Robertson, P.Eng., an individual well known in this field throughout the nation. He has participated in the development of not less than 20 different training sessions that have been delivered on 4 continents by both Dale Robertson and others. Although involved in this work for over 15 years, in the past roughly 5 years Mr. Robertson has had the privilege of working with well-known experts in Canada including Doug Tripp of the Canadian Institute for Energy Training, Steve Dixon of TdS Dixon Inc., Derrick Finn of Finn Projects, Brian Tyers of Optimum Engineering Ltd. and Robert Greenwald of Prism Engineering. Training programs have included the following:

  • Technical (various subjects and fields)
  • Management
  • Organizational
  • Other

At present one of the most active areas of training in Canada is the series offered by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE). Enerscan participated (in a minor role) in developing one of the 3 full-day sessions, titled "Spot the Opportunities", and currently delivers all 3 workshops throughout Atlantic Canada, with occasional deliveries in Ontario. The 3 workshops offered by OEE are:

  • Spot the Opportunities (technical orientation)
  • Monitoring & Tracking (utility bill analysis)
  • Energy Master Plan (organizational orientation)



The management and coordination of implementation activity is sometimes the most important task to be undertaken! Although the use of good quality consulting engineering expertise can lead to the greatest savings, if the intentions of the engineers are not implemented properly then the savings may not be achieved. Through proper, organized planning and project management the cost of implementing suggested changes can be minimized and the savings that result maximized.

Enerscan has over 2 decades of experience managing the many different stages of implementation for a wide variety of clients.

One of the important elements of long term planning is developing a proper Energy Master Plan for the organization. The format for the plan has sometimes followed the suggestions made by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, and sometimes followed Enerscan's own determination of a most suitable format. In all cases, an organized plan for how an entire organization will yield superior results. Enerscan has the ability and experience to assist you develop your plan.



As time passes different concerns become more important to funding agencies and governments. At present, Canada has made a significant commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to reducing consumption of fossil fuels. As part of the leadership efforts there are a variety of financial incentives available to assist with the cost of implementation of measures as well as the cost of consulting in support of various measures. Enerscan is experienced in providing assistance to clients in applying for and securing grants and incentives. Please note that fees are charged for this work and we are unable to be paid on a contingency basis for this work.


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