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Technical CV - Dale J. Robertson, P.Eng.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering and Management), Royal Military
College of Canada, 1978

Post graduate courses toward Master of Business Administration, Dalhousie University

Various technical courses - solar design, energy conservation and management, mechanical design, others

Certified Management Consultant, 1991

Environmental Management Certificate Course, Technical University of Nova Scotia, 1992

MEMBERSHIPS Association of Professional Engineers of N.S. (A.P.E.N.S.)
(past & current) Association of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland
Military Engineer Association of Canada
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
A.P.E.N.S. Energy Committee (past chairman)
A.P.E.N.S. Consulting Practice Committee (past member)
A.P.E.N.S. Finance Committee (member)
N.S. Energy Management Task Force (chairman)
Coordinating Council of Energy Management Task Forces (chairman)
R.M.C. Club of Canada, Nova Scotia Branch (secretary)
Solar Energy Society of Canada
Entrepreneurs' Forum of Nova Scotia (President, Board of Directors)

CAREER HISTORY Business/Corporate Development

1981 to present President, Enerscan Engineering Inc. and Enerscan Consultants Ltd., firms of engineering and architectural consultants providing services primarily relating to energy conservation and management consulting. Staff peaked at 15 in the late 1980's, primarily professional engineers, an architect and C.E.T.'s. Enerscan Engineering Inc. has other business interests in addition to energy.

1989 to 1990 Division Manager for the Halifax office of Sandwell Inc., one of Canada's leading three consulting engineering firms. Recruited for this assignment to solve internal and external problems, mostly business management related, in this 60 year old office employing 12.

1988 to 1989 Sr. Consultant, The ARA Consulting Group Inc., management consultants.

1984 to 1988 Manager/Owner of Phelco Corporation Ltd., a company which built, traded and developed real estate (commercial and residential) as well as provided construction management services. Staff of about 10 direct employees. Activity averaged about $2M annually.

1982 to 1985 Manager/Owner of Commercial Combustion Services Ltd., a plumbing and heating service company specialising in combustion control. Served Atlantic Canada with a staff of up to 6, and developed a loyal customer base. The company was sold to the employees. Average annual revenues $300K.

1978 to 1982 Canadian Armed Forces Officer, Construction Engineer, Base Energy Conservation Officer for CFB Cornwallis and CFB Halifax

PROJECT EXPERIENCE Product Development

Contributor to detailed study assessing market acceptance of energy efficient motors. Client: Energy, Mines & Resources Canada, sub-consultant to Marbek Resources Ltd.

Contributor to study addressing the level of market acceptance and reasons for lack of acceptance of energy efficient lighting. Client: Energy, Mines & Resources Canada, as a sub-consultant to Marbek Resources Ltd.

Advisor to a study team assessing the viability of establishing a manufacturing facility for air to air heat exchangers.

Energy and Environmental

Contributor to several studies involving alternate energy including solar, wind, biomass, cogeneration, photovoltaic and other forms. Work involving northern communities to benefit from such studies included training.

Major technical contributor to an evaluation of the 1984 -1989 Canada-PEI $20M Alternate Energy Development Agreement. Client: Federal government departments.

Technical contributor to Canada's first significant study of the nation's ability to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The ensuing publication was widely distributed and referred to during the formative years of Canada's policy and actions in this regard. Clients: Canada's federal and provincial governments (a collaborative project funded by several different departments, with a budget of $250,000)

Technical contributor to a British Columbia provincial study of the province's ability, and the most effective means of achieving reductions in CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions. Client: B.C. Provincial Government.

Implementation manager of a federally funded province wide program to perform private sector energy audits. Project value approx. $500K in fees to Enerscan Engineering. Personal involvement in all of the most difficult and challenging audits. This included audits on virtually every industry, sector and facility imaginable, ranging from heavy industry to light manufacturing and commercial properties. Client: Energy, Mines & Resources Canada.

Ongoing activity performing or leading energy audits, as this is one of Enerscan's principal areas of business. Audits regularly performed on all types of facilities and plants, with a focus of attention on industry and commercial buildings. Ongoing involvement in leadership of corrective action, including design and specifications, tendering, supervision and commissioning.

Chairman, Governing Council of Regional Energy Management Task Forces. Chairman for this organization with established membership and activity in 13 locations across Canada. Annual budget approx. $200K.

Author of article describing proposed legislation requiring significant yet unachievable reductions of boiler greenhouse gas emissions. Widespread intra-governmental distribution. Client: Natural Resources Canada.

Technical contributor to Ontario Hydro's demand side management program planning.

Technical contributor to planning stages of Nova Scotia's biomass energy use program. Client: N.S. Dept. of Economic Development.

Project Manager for long-range plan for Halifax's Mulgrave Park housing project district heating system. Client: N.S. Dept. of Municipal Affairs.

Radiator & Tinning Pvt Ltd. site energy audit, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This 800 employee steel fabrication, injection moulding, tin & brass fabrication and related industries plant operates as though technology ceased to develop 100 years ago, in part because labour costs are low and can compensate for inefficient process design. A site audit identified numerous opportunities. Client: Radiator & Tinning Pvt. Ltd. 2000

Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries & Oceans Canada site audits, Atlantic Canada. DFO had only a limited energy management program in place prior to this project which saw 5 sites (with hundreds of buildings) audited for the purpose of identifying and evaluating potential. Client: Fisheries & Oceans Canada. 1999

Barriers to Implementation study for renewable energy in Canada's remote communities. This landmark study provided clear answers to the question of why known economically feasible renewable energy options were not being implemented in remote communities. Policy development was influenced significantly based on the findings. Client: NRCan. 1998

Technical director for energy audit program for Toronto Community Housing Company, owner and operator of roughly 58,000 dwelling units. Also delivered training program for building manager, operator and area manager staff. 2001 - 2002

Established energy performance contract for the City of Halifax for several Recreation Department buildings. Audited and then managed retrofit implementation. Agreement placed for sharing savings over several years was immediately bought out by the City.

Developed not less than 5 Energy Management Action Plans for 5 different clients in the health care, education and commercial sectors. Format was that required to meet the Energy Innovator Initiative standards. 1999 - 2002

Guidance for the College of the North Atlantic, a 17 campus secondary education institution in Newfoundland, including a detailed energy audit of the flagship 300,000 square foot facility and providing guidance for energy performance contracting and implementation of retrofits financed in-house. 2002 - 2005

East Avalon School Board, Newfoundland - evaluated energy performance contract bids as part of an application for federal funding assistance. 2001

Nova Scotia Dept. of Community Services - provided a variety of guidance for this department, responsible for about 2800 dwelling units in 350 large buildings and numerous smaller ones. Auditing, retrofit design and implementation management, establishing a monitoring and tracking program, staff education, other. 1999 - 2002.

Participant in 15 year CIDA funded SAADC (Southern African region) project designed to improve energy efficiency performance and build capacity in this region. Participant in original Monenco (now part of SNC Lavalin) proposal as leader of energy management study team, participant in development of "train the trainer" program, delivery of "train the trainer" program in two locations, with attendees from 5 Southern African nations. Project ongoing but my role is now insignificant.

Participant in development of strategy plan for capacity building and improvement of energy efficiency performance in India, co-sponsored by the FICCI, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Delivered 3 weeks of "train the trainer" training in two locations. 2000.

Detailed investigation of barriers to implementation of alternate energy projects in Canada's remote communities, including northern communities. In many ways Canada's remote northern communities are comparable to those of third world nations. Extensive study of rate code related difficulties and community and other influences. This proved to be a difficult topic, but recommendations were adopted. 2000.

N.S. Dept. of Health Hospital energy audits at Tatamagouche Regional Hospital, New Glasgow's Aberdeen Hospital and the Antigonish St. Martha's Regional Hospital. Two of these 3 hospitals are large (>300 beds) full facility hospitals including laundries, heating plants and a variety of support services.

Demand management studies for Ontario Hydro, federal government and provincial governments. These studies mostly addressed the needs of an expanding demand and dwindling supply, with the intention that the recommendations, once implemented, would eliminate the need for increased generation capacity. 1990

Studies of means by which greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced. National level and provincial level studies, including development of policy, opportunity and implementation matrices to be used by sizeable government sponsored programs. One of these studies was the first significant study of this topic undertaken on a national level, and proved to be instrumental in guiding the development of policy for Canada. (I was a technical expert for this project, not the overall project leader.) 1991

Atlantic Canadian Facilitator for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Partnership for Client Protection Program. Provided assistance and guidance to numerous municipalities in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of studies and measures. Most projects were energy management related. 2002 - 2004

Partners for Climate Protection Milestone One document, for Iqaluit, Nunavut. Although not entirely responsible for the document, provided the technical input and analysis. Determined CO2 production and reduction capabilities for Iqaluit.

Project Management

Leader of engineering study team performing energy audits in over 800 buildings and facilities of virtually every nature - residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, processing, mining, pulp and paper, agriculture, governments, hospitality, education, etc. Enerscan became a clear leader in this field and was the most active in its field east of Montreal for several years. Related services included solar design, standard mechanical design, preventive maintenance programs, and activity in other engineering disciplines. Noteworthy projects included energy management programs or studies for two universities, the largest eastern North American fish processor, the City of Halifax, Agriculture Canada, Abitibi Price, and many developers and governments. Client: Energy, Mines & Resources Canada. 1985 - 1987

Contributor to policy changes for energy management programs throughout the Northwest Territories. This included familiarization with NWT communities by visiting 9 locations throughout the Arctic, meeting with community, political, business and other leaders and performing energy audits on selected buildings. Extensive analysis including comparisons to similar facilities elsewhere and accounting for the differences. Reporting on findings and participation in development of policy changes for the Arctic Energy Alliance, a not for profit organization funded by government and non-government sources with a mandate to inspire sound energy management practices in the NWT. Client: Arctic Energy Alliance. 1998 - 1999

Manager of a research and development project for gasification of paper to produce a combustible fuel for use in conventional fuel burning equipment. Secured funding for research, design, development and testing of a prototype. Project continued in an altered capacity by Technical University of Nova Scotia after securing substantial further funding. Client: company associated with Enerscan Engineering Inc.

Management level study of the University of Regina Physical Plant's energy management capability, potential for savings and cost effectiveness of upgrades. 2003

Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Financing Plans

Project leader for a technical and financial feasibility study concerning the return of condensate from naval ships to the CFB Halifax steam plant. Established a model for steam consumption. Client: Dept. of National Defence.

Analysis of a proposed CIDA project to establish a $20M photovoltaic cell production facility in India. Analysis of technical and financial feasibility, the market, proponent suitability and capability, terms of reference and determination of benefits to Canada and India. Client: Canadian International Development Agency.

Recipient of federal government suggestion award for identification of energy and cost saving measures.

Bidder (through Kenetech, an unaffiliated company) on the $7 million CFB Halifax Energy Performance Contract project. Another bidder was selected, although Mr. Robertson maintains pride in the knowledge that without a doubt it was his own actions that initiated the project. Client: National Defence.

Contributor to Truro, N.S. district heating system study and feasibility evaluation. Estimated heat and electricity loads and their daily timing for 9 large industrial sites.

Seminars, Presentations, Workshops

Development of 2 day management level workshop for application in the Canadian Arctic, where energy costs and consumption are much higher than anywhere else in the world. This area faces unique problems that required a needs analysis and that the workshop be carefully focussed to meet the needs. Development of 100 page participants' binder including 90 overhead slides. Delivery of pilot workshop in Iqaluit.

Contribution to the development of a technical workshop for delivery throughout southern African nations, including pilot delivery in Zimbabwe. Presenter in Zimbabwe for pilot delivery in 2 locations. 1999

Regular speaker or author for training courses and seminars or workshops in the field of energy management and conservation. Audiences have included private and public sector building owners, managers and operators. Topics have included energy conservation, design, humidity infra red thermography, investment, heating systems, bakeries, energy conservation in aviation, boiler efficiency, indoor air quality, comparison of economic returns, electrical demand side management, Energy Master Plan, Monitoring & Tracking, Monitoring & Targeting and related topics. Approximately 80 engagements since 1985. National and international assignments.

Managed the design and delivery of a symposium attended by 23 different nations addressing issues relating to energy conservation in the fishing industry. The symposium was sponsored by the Canadian federal government and a number of other sources, but commitments were made du5ing the meetings by the FAO for ongoing support. Solicited papers and their presenters for the meetings, and organized and published the proceedings and the papers. Clients: Industry Canada, Fisheries & Oceans Canada.

Managed the delivery of a seminar/workshop addressing the international problem of plastic pollution in the marine context. Received widespread press coverage, including the front page of the Globe and Mail.

Major contributing author and presenter for a 14 hour and an 8 hour television series addressing energy management in the hospitality and distributive trades industries.

Contributor and organizer at the Technical University of Nova Scotia Division of Continuing Education. Involved in planning and preparing for not less than ten seminars and workshops.

Organized energy management related seminar in Sydney N.S. attended by numerous politicians at all 3 levels.

Design and delivery of 10 week energy management course at the Technical University of Nova Scotia.

LANGUAGES English and French
AWARDS 2006 Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia Award for Excellence in Engineering

2006 Nova Scotia Discovery Centre Innovation Award for Science and Technology

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